Meet Ping

Connecting your audience to you with a simple press, your customers can use Ping to get the services they need, as soon as they need it.

Meet Ping

Connecting your audience to you with a simple press, your customers can use Ping to get the services they need, as soon as they need it.

Ping Connects During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Keep communication with your customers open during this time. At the touch of a button, provide important information and support, without having to enter their offices. Ping solves the problem of connecting to your clients during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Connect with Healthcare Professionals

Ping began with the idea of making interactions between HCPs and representatives simple, easy, and desirable.

Whether it's general support & education, sample ordering, or managing vacant territories, Ping supports any use case. With endless opportunities, we built Ping to be flexible and remotely adjustable as your needs develop.

HCP Support

Support your HCPs with immediate white-glove service.

Vacant Territory Coverage

Easily and quickly cover territories without representatives.

Sample Ordering

Samples can be ordered remotely, securely, and compliant.

Ping can also be used for Patients to get help & support, verify prescription adherence, and track medical outcomes.
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How Does Ping Work?

Ping is very easy to use. Just press the button and a representative can respond. It's that simple!

HCP Presses Ping

HCP presses the Ping device which triggers a request to the assigned person or system

Data Collected

The data from the request is saved and analyzed to determine patterns

Rep Responds

Rep is immediately notified and can respond appropriately

Connections Made with One Click

In the exam room, sample closet, at the front desk or at home, Ping gives your brand the opportunity to reach, motivate, and satisfy your customers by improving access to information.

Whether it's to receive a call from an MSL, order samples, schedule a visit by a representative or have a nurse reach out, Ping makes the connection.

Data Insights

Ping gives you new insights into customers service needs and behavioral patterns. With actionable data, now you can make adjustments to better interact with your HCPs or patients.


Ping uses AT&T devices that are highly secure, optimized for extended battery life, and run on AT&T's enhanced IoT LTE-M network.

M3 Health teamed up with Amazon Web Services to bring the Ping button to healthcare and life sciences.

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What people are saying about Ping

I love how simple it is. It's like the easy button for healthcare.

Healthcare Provider

Ping fits into our brand's core value of personal experience

Brand & Strategy Manager

Our HCPs love that help is just one "ping" away

Sales Rep

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