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iVAs (Interactive Visual Aid) are custom crafted web apps that show off your brand, your product, or used as training content.

Interactive Features

We custom craft interactive functionality into your iVA, bringing it to vibrant life. See some examples below.

Your iVA is designed to bring out your branding, your messaging, and to engage the intended audience.

We develop using state of the art technology, so that your iVA is responsive, lightning fast, and runs on any device.

As an HTML package, your iVA can be viewed from any web browser and device. It can even be packaged into a standalone app for iOS and Android.

You can place your iVA into any CRM that supports HTML. We’ve also built a content management system to hold these iVAS – iDash.

IVA’s built by us can easily send tracking details to iDash which gives you insight into the usage and meeting your goals. We can even custom code an iVA to send data to your unique system – just give us a call.

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