Content delivered. period

Single Source of Truth and Delivery for your Sales Team

iDash empowers your sales team by housing all your assets and content in one secure and easy to use platform. With easy management tools, you can control what each person has on their device at any time.


Content Managment

PDF, Powerpoint, HTML iVAs, Video, Web Links, and More!


Cross Platform

iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web



Using Amazon Web Services, iDash runs on a secure platform



Multitude of Content Types

PDF, Powerpoint, HTML iVAs, Video, Web Links


User Management

Authentication, custom user attributes, and single sign-on integration

Offline Content

Your content is downloaded on the device and is available anytime, anywhere

Reporting & Analytics

Content usage and user level activity give you the stats to help you keep an eye on success

Versioning System

Each version of your content is tracked and can be released or rolledback to any user


Cross Platform

iOS, Android, Windows, and the Web. iDash works on any device

Why Did We Make iDashâ„¢ lite ?

We wanted to return to our roots: delivering great content in a stunning manor. So we re-developed our enterprise version from the ground up, slimming it down and focused on delivering content, period. Our goal is to keep the main thing...well, the main thing. So our laser focus on content management gives you an amazing product that can honestly drive sales by keeping attention on the main thing; stunningly attractive content.

If you need more features, click here to learn about the iDashâ„¢ Enterprise Edition

Experience at the Heart

M3 Health has been managing sales team content over multiple clients for the last 15 years. All that experience, our successes, and what we learned from our mistakes, has been pured into the heart of iDash. We know that you will fall in love with iDash just like us.

Content delivered. period

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