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The first platform to help customers locate & connect to your curated physicians, which in turn generates target leads for your sales reps.

Integrate DocFinder on your brand website to get HCPs search results

As customers see mapped results, data points are synced up to matching reps

You get insights into which HCPs to target & what materials to present

Breaking the Pattern


Targeting customers, HCPs, and territories is usually based on prescription data to determine usage. Your marketing strategy is reacting to the data you see from the past. DocFinder is a new method, breaking from the reactive pattern and positioning leads proactively.


DocFinder shows which HCPs will potentially have patients asking about certain brands before the patient even asks or makes the appointment. Targeting these HCPs ahead of time with material about the brand will greatly improve your marketing efforts, which in turn leads to a greater amount of written prescriptions.

DocFinder helps to proactively target HCPs in your territories. If you need help connecting to your HCPs, check out Ping.

Ping connects your HCPs to you with a press of a button.

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