Operations Manager

Job Duties: Maintain profitability targets. Coordinate resources, create project timelines, and present proposals to third-party vendors and partners, contributing to the development and implementation of operating policies and processes, optimizing day-to-day office operations, and improving communications between departments. Engage in project development, creating end-to-end production tasks, accounting for various resources to schedule a timeline. Create project estimates based on historical project benchmarks, obtain resource estimates, and verify appropriate budgets for projects. Track the status of these estimates and tasks, ensuring that all the work is being completed on schedule and within budget. Gather appropriate task, expense, and timesheet reports to ensure jobs are being completed and invoiced correctly, maintain internal project status reports with weekly input from project/account managers, and weekly internal project status meetings across the organization. Work closely with account/project management and production resources to ensure consistent communication, overall performance optimization, and efficient delivery of our project. Submit orders for manufacturing hardware, log, and distribute through appropriate channels for multi-step/multi-system service Ping. Create and maintain a deployment plan for multi-component deliverables, ensuring employees have the necessary tools, are properly trained, and are executing properly. Oversee inventory management for hardware and client materials. Participate and contribute in System strategy meetings to help streamline the deployment of company software/hardware services. Train, supervise, and manage employees in the Operations branch of the company. Search, negotiate, and secure deals to increase vendor-to-vendor partnership, manufacturing deals, and Co-Op Sale opportunities with peers. Participate in strategy planning sales meetings for new clients/products. Monitor monthly license count and issue invoices accordingly. Follow up with clients on invoice payments. Maintain financial records/status report for each project, including Statement of Work recording, purchase order creation; tracking, and reporting; vendor tracking; invoice generation, tracking, and reporting; etc. Set up new hire/new employee documentation. Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related and two years of experience in each of the following: Maintaining profitability targets. Coordinating resources, creating project timelines, and presenting proposals to third-party vendors and partners; contributing to the development and implementation of operating policies and processes. Engaging in project development; creating end-to-end production tasks. Creating project estimates based on historical project benchmarks, obtaining resource estimates, and verifying appropriate budgets for projects. Tracking the status of these estimates and tasks. Please email resume

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