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Pharmaceutical Sales


This is the age we are living in. Locked provider doors, “Do Not Enter” signs and calling upon arrival, rather than entering the waiting room, checking-in and sitting down for 5 minutes (if you’re lucky) with a magazine or your phone. 

Provider access is restricted in the name of public safety. Sometimes, it’s difficult for even a patient to speak to the office because let’s face it – everyone is dealing with the new norm of pandemic life: limited resources and slower turnaround times.  

So, this begs the question – How are the sales representatives staying in touch?

It’s a fine line.Some are relying on existing close relationships to keep the dialogue going. For others, lockdowns have created a new unprecedented challenge.  Tried-and-true face-to-face training tactics are no longer relevant. And yet, sales goals must still be met.

Virtual engagement seems to be the new ‘go to’ tactic to staying in touch with customers. We have all read the do’s and don’ts of virtual engagements. We have all also learned to be more accepting of unavoidable interruptions during meetings as we adjust to a constant virtual world. (Hello to the random child in the back!)

Keeping all of that in mind, how do we ensure that engagement drives the success metrics we are looking to achieve?  How do we respect social distancing rules and restricted access? How do we be present and readily available, yet not intrusive?

These new challenges must be met with new tools.

Ping can be part of the solution.

Placing buttons in select offices, allows the practice to get answers to a quick question or ask for a virtual meeting – essentially keeping the channels of communication open.  The button allows you to be ‘present’ without actually being ‘present’. Thus – honoring the Do Not Enter safety protocols.

Ping simplifies communication.

Ping is a ‘just-in-time’ tool to instantly alert the sales professional the office needs SOMETHING.

Only those who leverage new tools and technologies to keep the pulse on their customer’s needs during this time will succeed.

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