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Help I’ve Fallen (Evolution of tech)

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”1

Words I think most of us at recognize from a commercial that believe it or not, first aired back in 1989 and to today’s terminology, was ‘viral’ by 1990.

At the time, it seemed pretty cool…you could communicate with someone to help you in an urgent time of need. This came BEFORE smartphones, even flip phones and wearables.

Let us just take a minute to reflect on how far tech has come, even in the last 15-20 years.

In 1994, the world was introduced to the first-ever ‘smartphone’ – the Simon Personal Communicator (SPC). While it’s a far cry from the smartphones we know in 2021, this phone could email, fax (yes, fax) house your contacts, calendar, etc. It was not pretty, but it paved the way for the years ahead.

In 2001, 3G access entered the ring for cellphones and then…

In 2007, Apple introduced the world to the first-ever iPhone.  Life as we knew it would change forever.

Side note: For a pretty interesting timeline on the evolution of the first smartphone to nearly present day, check out this article –

Fast forward to now. Your Apple watch can do an EKG, give you your heart rate and O2 stats in less than a minute. We’re reminded to stand up, breathe, and can program any other reminder to help us throughout the day.

The world is moving so fast and naturally, we’ve morphed tech into a vehicle to help us move EVEN faster and accomplish more at the expedited rate.

That’s all. No big selling point here. Just, when was the last time that you took a minute to think about how far we’ve come in such a small amount of time? And where we might be going next? It is pretty amazing.

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