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Communication Basics

We’re all constantly learning how to communicate from a very young age.

First, we cry. We cry for food, because we’re wet, because we want to – we cry for everything.

Soon, we start to realize a better way. We learn to use single words – we can demand Milk! Then, we begin to put together short sentences to ask for goldfish. Overtime, we continue to evolve, and our communication skills grow as we interact with family, friends and even our pets. 

Communication fosters all of life’s relationships. It’s a skill we all use every day, whether it be in our personal or professional life. A skill that will always be evolving and growing with each new relationship encountered.   An ever-evolving skill, we learn different communication styles for different personalities. Verbal and non-verbal forms. We adapt to what led to success and…what didn’t work so well. It’s all a process. We may even learn that LISTENING is one of the most valuable skills to have for the most effective communication.

Lack of communication creates a formula for misunderstanding which may result in confusion, additional work, stress…essentially, things going array. What’s the result? Someone is unhappy.

It is suboptimal when that someone is your co-worker, boss, or even your company’s customer.

This is why we must put forth the effort to maintain and foster open communication with customers. Communicate often, Listen with a purpose. Continue to learn – every day – new ways of communicating, just as we have been doing since our first cry.

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