October 2019
  • Auto Download Feature
    Content can now be automatically downloaded without user interaction.
  • Magic Links
    Specific connect inside of iDash can be open with external special links. These links can be shared through email, documents, website, or any other online location.
  • Signout Logs
    Added logs to track when and how a user signs out of iDash
  • Network Check
    Applied a fixed for iOS slowness when checking for a network connection.
  • Badge Notifications
    Updated badge notifications to only trigger for required content.
  • Downloading Missing Content
    Touching an asset which has not yet been downloaded will now prompt to download just that content instead of showing all available content.
  • Content Manager UI
    Fixed a few UI issues within the content manager.
July 2019 - New app version
  • WKWebView for web content
    Replaced the older UIWebView with WKWebView for improvements to speed, memory, and scalability
  • Badge Notifications
    Add badge notifications on the app icon for users to quickly see if they have messages or new content available
  • Content Manager
    iDash content is now downloaded on a 'per-asset' basis. Users have more control over what content is stored on their device
  • System Logs
    Added a vast amount of new user logs that track and notify system admins if any problems occur
  • iDash Styling
    Updates to the styling for Asset Libraries and Field Connect
  • Architecture
    Updated servers, load balancers, and REST API framework. Refactored server code.
  • Installable IPA
    A new installable IPA is available with updated requirements from Apple
  • Scrollable Notifications
    Long lists of notifications can now scroll
  • Field Connect: Carousel
    A new carousel element has been implemented with cleaner and more responsive touch abilties
  • Field Connect: Article List
    Fixed issue with articles crashing into each other. Entire home page is now able to scroll
February 2019
  • Learning Management: Quizzes Not Available
    Fixed a bug that prevented quizzes from becoming available depending on a user's connection speed
January 2019
  • Search Results for Tookit
    Included Toolkit assets in the common search feature
  • Re-Download Functionality
    Added the ability to delete and redownload specific content in the asset library
October 2018 - New app version
  • Installable IPA
    A new installable IPA is available with updated requirements from Apple