Introducing PIVOTTM
The ONLY application that empowers
your sales force with the tools for their success*

*When HCP Connect & LMS modules are activated

Why just 'enable' your sales force when you can 'empower' them with PIVOTTM

Provide your team with the tools, the power, and the opportunity to seize the pivotal moment every day by:

Providing instant access to key resources that enhance daily communication with customers and key constituents

Participating in real-time training and educational activities

Attending and participating in key meetings and forums

Sharing approved assets with key customers when they need them

Ensuring the business has a flexible application that works regardless of the evolving technology platform through Amazon Web Services

Building off a
Legacy of Success

M3 Health has been creating innovative technology solutions for the life sciences industry since 1991. Our flagship product, iDashTM, provided tens of thousands of customers with a solution that leveraged cutting edge technology and ground breaking selling tools at the time it was introduced. Building off the success of iDash, we are proud to bring you our next generation of innovation.

"The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams." - W. Arthur Porter

Is PivotTM Future Proof?

The technology landscape is constantly changing. Ensuring the apps you create today will not require a complete overhaul a year from now is more challenging than ever. We built PIVOT with this in mind. In fact, PIVOT is the only cloud-based sales force enablement application that combines 5 distinct applications into 1 powerful cloud-based ecosystem and will be compatible with ANY DEVICE and ANY OS - and as we move into the new world of BYOD (bring your own device) - this will become increasingly important to ensure a consistent and secure experience across your organization. PIVOT is enabled with a powerful analytics tool complete with on-device dashboards and robust web reporting tools, making this application the only one you need to empower your sales force.

Life is too Short to Build Something That Nobody Wants

In a recent survey of nearly 10,000 pharmaceutical sales reps, they reported using an average of 4-6 different applications per day to do their job, and those critical to their performance do not necessarily work together seamlessly, or at all. So, what do poorly integrated tools and inflexible technologies create? Opportunity for change.

Their wish list includes:

  • Desire for a single point of access
  • Ability to quickly pivot from one functional task to another based on their realistic daily activities
  • Need to find and tag information to access during pivotal moments with a customer.

M3 Health can provide your organization with the tools to meet these needs. Contact us to set up a demo and begin leveraging technology to your advantage.


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