Ping is an IoT Customer Engagement Ecosystem

Ping is the first "Internet of Things" (IoT) customer engagement ecosystem in healthcare that leverages the Amazon IoT button to give you new insights into customers service needs and behavioral patterns. Ping can be leveraged across commercial, clinical, and consumer engagements under a single, easy to use platform.

Ping brings together all the elements that a true IoT network needs to successfully connect and engage your audience.
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Physicians call it the "easy button for healthcare". With a simple press of the Ping button, your audience can connect to your company to get the services they need. We've made it easy for your customers.
It's so easy that a single click can order samples and a double click can trigger a call from your support call center. Ping can even send emails, SMS messages, or connect directly to your sales force notifying them of a service request. Ping can also be integrated with the Amazon’s Lex Voice Assistant for an even wider range of use cases.

Proven Success

M3 Health teamed up with Amazon Web Services to bring the Ping button to healthcare and life sciences.
Ping was developed on top of the AWS tech stack using the AWS IoT Button, the same foundation that the Amazon Dash Buttons use. We've built upon the proven success with Amazon's worldwide Dash Buttons and consumers.

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